Thanks Amanda!
Chasey and Buddy look wonderful!  I think Chasey actually feels better too…………I think Chasey’s breath even smells better…We haven’t had his teeth cleaned in awhile because of his health problems.  Budd, of course, lines up in the bathroom every night waiting to have his teeth brushed! 

I hope you don’t mind, but I told my vet, Dr Deck, about you because I’ve asked him in the past who he might recommend for grooming, since Chasey’s health is so bad and he didn’t know of anyone.  He said he was glad to know about you because people are asking him all the time.

Again, thanks!
We’ll definitely be back!
Louisville, Ky

Amanda, my cousin, the groomer at (Pawsitively Dogs Grooming) the best in town.. She does such a wonderful job... Thanks Amanda! ;)

6.3.11-Amanda, My beautiful cousin, and Billy's Groomer..Totally awesome! She can give your special pet any cut you have in mind for that picture perfect affect.. Also all the TLC they need while in her care!! Check her out at Pawsitively Dogs Grooming! :):)

Clarksville, In

Thanos loves Amanda. He always comes out looking so great. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone that wants their dog to be pampered and taken care of.

Louisville, KY

Hey Amanda,
Thanks so much for taking the time to do Legend today. He looks so handsome, my husband even likes how you do him. By far you are the best groomer we know that knows how to do Shelties. Here is a picture of Legend right after we brought him home from seeing you. You are truely one of Legend's buddies. He always loves to come and see you.

Thanks for all you do,
Dawn & John
Louisville, KY

Have been bringing Mitsy there for a long time and just love your grooming.

Louisville, KY

Dogs are chilled after a wonderful grooming from Pawsitively Dogs Grooming!!!!!

The Hillenbrands
Louisville, KY

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