I have been booking 4-5 weeks in advance.  Please call a couple of weeks in advance or schedule your next appointment at pick up to try to avoid not getting in the day that you'd like.  Also, please note that with being booked so far in advance, my pick up times have lengthened a little.  Instead of taking 1.5-2 hrs per dog, I am looking at 3-4 hours for completion. 
When booking an appointment online please double check your day and time.  Since I have been booking almost 4 weeks in advance I have had a lot of clients mis-look at their day/dates and show up a week early. Please double check so you don't make any unnecessary trips :)

**FEBRUARY 1ST 2013** 
Starting February 1st, I will be recognizing all the local heros...both for humans and animals. I will be offering a 10% discount to all Firefighters, EMS, Police Officers, Military personnel, and Metro or other local animal rescues. Please show your ID or Badge (or be in uniform) at check-out!!


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With the health and safety of ALL of our Pawsitively Dogs Grooming clients in mind, as of August 1st, we will start requiring the bilvalent Canine Flu vaccine (a 2 shot series, administered 2-4 weeks apart) as part of our required canine vaccine protocol.   

As of late, the Canine Flu has spread to Louisville, and has given everyone in the local dog industry cause for vigilance.  It is an airborne & highly contagious illness, which can develop into pneumonia.  While we have had no affected dogs at our facility, we do feel the need to take a proactive stance at this time in order to help ensure the safety of all of our clients' dogs while contributing to the herd immunity of the dogs in our community as a whole.

We understand that some of you may have questions about the Canine Flu, and we encourage each of you to speak with your veterinarians about it.  The majority of vets in our area are fully stocked with the flu vaccine, and are ready to help you protect your dog. 

Should you notice your dog sneezing, coughing, feeling lethargic, having eye drainage, or a loss of appetite, please contact your vet immediately, and/or take your dog to Blue Pearl Emergency Vet, where they have a mobile unit specifically set up to treat canine flu patients.  If you notice your dog exhibiting any suspicious symptoms, please DO NOT bring your dog around any other dogs, including to dog parks, grooming, boarding, daycare, etc...get prompt treatment.  It is up to all of us to take proper measures to stay vigilant and keep the flu from spreading further in Louisville.

We hope that all of our clients will appreciate our efforts to continue to keep all of our fur kids safe.  You are all like family to us & we remain committed to providing as safe of an environment as possible for your dogs. 

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